Pack Socks Beetles Women + Face Mask Kaki

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Enjoy combining mask and socks, the perfect combination . Be cool and stay safe. Combine safety and design!

We plant a tree
for every pair of socks


Pack Socks Beetles Women + Face Mask Kaki This mask provides High Bacterial filtration efficiency (96%) and an excellent breathability  ,complying with UNE 0065 UNE 0065: 2020 standard .  Ergonomic design with twist band to fit comfortably toward the bridge of the nose. Durability of more than 50 washes. The mask complies with the new European regulations CWA 17553:2020. Soft Mask on the skin = no irritation.

Socks Beetles Kaki size 36-40 , composition: 68% ,Recycled cotton 15% , Recycled PET, 14% Poliamide 2% Elastan 1% Other fibers

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