Face Mask Kaki

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If you like to combine more daring designs with other more basic ones, don’t miss the Kaki color mask.
This mask will make you feel more comfortable and safe , it has regulators that adapt and also has great breathability and efficiency . It will last 50 washes without losing its effectiveness. Perfect to combine with our Kaki Basic Lolos or Kaki-colored Beetles. What are you waiting for to combine it?

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Don’t wait any longer and take your EU-approved mask !
A comfortable, soft and light model, with nasal twist band and regulators made of elastic rubber so that you can adjust it as you want. This reusable and washable mask is respectful with your skin, to avoid irritations and allergies , and includes a double layer to ensure effectiveness to more than 96% .

It will last up to 50 washes without losing its performance, and it is made with a breathable fabric to guarantee your safety without making you feel uncomfortable.
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70% Recycled Polyester + 30% Cotton

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