We are sustainable

¡Start off by changing your socks!

Lolo Carolo’s vegan, organic, and recyclable socks are made in France and Portugal. We are increasingly using more recycled cotton and organic fibres instead of combed cotton —making sure to keep our quality and durability standards— to avoid overcultivation, chemical substances and releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

We use recycled cotton and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles as well as sustainable packaging to achieve quality products that will easily fulfil your expectations. This way we will all be contributing to the protection of the planet.

Our socks are proof that design and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive. Don’t you believe us? By way of example, just look at our socks!

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Vegan, organic, and recyclable socks

We have several certifications that guarantee our socks as vegan, organic and recycled:
Do you join our philosophy?