Orange Pippilotta Socks

8,00 VAT included

To start off on the right foot put these long socks on because are full of energy. Knee-highs available.

Do you want to add colour to your life? Who ever said that you can only wear ochre or dark colours in Winter?

Look at these most original socks full of colour. Vibrant yellows and oranges with a design of anarchic and uneven vertical stripes that evoke the so needed spirit of Pippi Longstocking.

A pair of socks, two unique socks. We like the idea that the right foot is not a mere copy of the left one, always together, but both marking a separate style.

Following the same road but each one in its own way.

Egyptian cotton design socks that are incredibly comfortable; and without those annoying toe stitches, everything geared towards your greatest pleasure.

Do you need to finish up your look with some eye-catching, knee-high, coloured socks? Look no further, you’ll love these Lolo Carolo.