A sock company
…without complexes

We are passionate about informal designs and even though we love to design and invent, we also love to enjoy ourselves reinterpreting designs for people to have fun wearing our socks. We love to give colour to life with style; to add a bit of Pippi Langstrumpf’s spirit (Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump) …into all of us.
After all, we want to be a tribute to independence, to each one’s individuality, to the right of freedom of expression. In short, the right to be different.

We are looking for that difference, of feeling alive, we don’t want to age!.


About the idea for this project, designing socks, it was inspired by the drawings of Lucia, the niece of one of Lolocarolo’s founders, so when she’ not channelling her incredible energy grooming the cat’s whiskers or torturing the geraniums, she draws. She drew wonderful marine scribbles in which fish seemed socks, fish socks of incredible colours and original designs!

With this collection of original colour socks we wanted to combine our passion for design with our love for travelling in general and diving in particular.
To transfer the relaxed and fun state of mind of fun getaways to the chaotic and fast-paced urban world.
By lighting up cloudy days and so drawing a smile to replace boredom.
If socks seemed like fish to Lucia, we wanted our socks to look like fish, socks full of colour and life.
Make things come to life. Lolocarolo is more than an idea of person, it’s one, two or three states of mind…., and our delicious fish with a bowler hat is its alter ego, the alter ego that we all want to have.

peces coral
telar antiguo


The socks are made in Europe, manufactured in France and Portugal.
Thanks to the cotton’s extraordinary quality and extreme comfort, enhanced by seamless toes, we want you travel the world with them, to have a real experience by wearing them, to have your own experience.
We want you to enjoy our Lolocarolo socks, a delicious delicatessen!!
And remember, keep moving, travelling, discovering, always be yourself and never ever stop dreaming!
It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop.

Be different, Be yourself!