Welcome to Lolo Carolo, an absolute trip!

Bienvenidos a Lolo Carolo

Lolo Carolo is more than an online sock shop; we are a small independent brand that offers experiences.
That’s right, we are madly optimistic!

Socks that tell stories

But in a certain way they do.
We love to think that each pair of socks is a journey in itself.
Each design has its meaning, each colour a mood and every fibre a story of its own.
We only hope that your feet reinterpret them their own way.
After many months giving form to the project, finally today Monday 30 November, our socks online shop starts to run, where you can find original -and above all different- socks with which you can tell your own story.

Lolo Carolo, quality and comfort socks

To help you we have selected the best cotton and we have woven it in two small European factories.
One in Portugal and the other in Spain.
As a result, some socks are extremely soft and comfortable and without any kind of ugly and uncomfortable toe seams.
Socks made with both all the work and quality guarantees.
In the end, socks certified with the highest standards in the market.
I hope you enjoy them!