Lolo Carolo, Socks Made in Europe

Herramientas de tejer calcetines

Made close-by, Socks made in Spain and Portugal

The importance of close-by manufacturing was to have a sustainable production for the pursuit of excellence in the production of socks.

Manufacturing our socks in Spain and/or Portugal was always our first choice; we wanted to produce as close to home as possible, check the various production processes to ensure high quality standards.

All this, of course, coupled with the deepest respect for workers conditions ensuring their health & safety.

Last but not least, we also wanted that the various processes were audited and that they scrupulously comply respectfully with the environment.

maquina tejer tradicional

Egyptian cotton Socks and ecological dyes

We contacted dozens of factories and visited many of them.

We knew what we wanted: first-quality fibres, Egyptian cotton of the highest quality, organic dyes, sewing machines of more than 200 needles, hand linked toe socks (seamless toes), basically the foundations of excellent quality socks committed to a sustainable production.

After much searching and testing hundreds of sock samples we decided on a tiny Spanish family factory with a long tradition in hosiery that -due to its reduced production capacity –it allows us to only prototype different designs and launch the partial production of some of them.

After adjusting and tweaking multiple times different sock models until the desired result is achieved, once approved, most of the manufacturing is takes place in Portugal.

Portugal has been able to preserve and modernize its textile sector efficiently; the hosiery industry has got family businesses that are adapted to the times, latest generation machines and the most demanding quality certifications.

We had the great fortune of being able to reach an agreement with surely one of the best sock factories in Portugal and one of the most notable at a global level.

Seamless Toe Socks

They have latest generation machines of more than 200 needles that allow us to use Egyptian cotton fibres, which are finer and of better quality, to obtain a greater definition in the designs of the different socks.

The sock seams are done with a hand-linked process, which is more expensive but it allows our socks to not have any kind of unwelcome and ugly seams.

All this together with the selection of the best natural fibres and the best organic dyes which makes them an item of superior quality and extreme comfort.

Their Quality and design are, without a doubt, differentiating elements of great importance and our signs of identity, along with the explosion of colour and originality of each model.

We managed to take care of all the details, even the way we fold and present our socks is friendly and original, and it allows us to show you how each of our cared pairs of socks is composed of two unique socks, both different to each other, some differing only in a subtle way, in some detail and others in the conceptualization of the model.


calcetines rayas wally hombre

A pair of Socks, two unique Socks

Different socks for different and unique people.

We hope you enjoy our Lolo Carolo socks to their full potential, don’t wait any longer and buy them in our online store!!