Seamless socks. why suffer?

Calcetines sin costuras

Seamless toe socks

We should all be more concerned about those small details that make our lives more comfortable.
Seamless toe socks are, no doubt, one of them.
My relationship with socks was always a very difficult one, unconventional, conditioned by that subtle element of torture that seamless toes had become, time and again.
For years I wore socks inside out so that the damn seam would be in the outside and be less of a torment to my feet.
Being very fussy?
I don’t know, maybe, I don’t consider myself to be a sock connoisseur but I don’t deny that socks like Lolo Carolo’s, toe seamless, with a hand-linked toe are infinitely more comfortable.
Walking, jumping and running, without noticing that annoying rubbing seam is most appreciated.
I still remember the unbearable blisters and chafing I suffered during the Pilgrim’s Walk; I grimace when I recall it.
Yes, I know that the general trend would be to blame footwear and accept it as the necessary redemption of a Pilgrim, but in this, as in so many other things, I beg to differ.
The seam, the damned sock seam was the one that made me suffer.
Or at least it was undeniably a necessary ally.

Lolo Carolo design seamless socks

Like a vengeful lover I have deleted the traumatic memories of socks with seams from my memories and my closet.
An exaggerated or a justified fuss?
What do you think?
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Thank you.