Get your Lolo Carolo cloth face masks this Christmas!


Have you seen our new face masks? In Lolo Carolo we have launched new designs that comply with all safety measures without leaving fashion aside!

EU-authorized cloth face masks

All our face masks are authorised according to EU regulations and their double layer ensures 96% effectiveness. We are aware that there are many people suffering from skin conditions due to face masks. That is why our designs are skin-friendly and made to avoid any irritation or allergies. 

But safety doesn’t have to compromise fashion! Our face masks have adjustable elastic ear straps and twist band to allow you to comfortably secure your mask to your nose. If we also consider its breathable fabric, we end up with a face mask that will not cause itchiness nor the so-called #maskne, a kind of acne that many people are suffering on the chin and cheek area. 

Safety, comfort, and fashion: ¿Have you got your Lolo Carolo cloth face mask yet? If you are still deciding, you must know that all our designs can last up to 50 washes without losing performance! 


Get a total look combining your socks with your face mask!

You can find all our face masks on our website, which are also available in packs for you to combine them with your socks! Wouldn’t you like to combine those two basic pieces to get a Lolo Carolo total look? We have some premade packs available for you, but you also have the chance to personalize your own however you like it

And if you have still got some Christmas presents left to do, this idea never disappoints! 
Remember that all our orders arrive in 24/48 hours, so you still have plenty of time…

Rhomboids, khaki or roses? Which face mask are you planning to get? Discover all of them on our website!