Egyptian cotton socks that will pamper your feet

Egyptian cotton socks

I still remember with a certain flush the embarrassment of removing my socks for the first time when entering a house of some acquaintances in Berlin for dinner. In Germany it is customary to leave your shoes at the entrance and show off your socks.
I, a poor little Spaniard, was raised between white socks for sports, blue ones for day-to-day use, and black ones for the certain days.
Used to hide so shameful item of clothing, I found a lump in my throat when I had to walk about wearing such disgraceful socks.
The cuff elastic was drooping, the socks were inside out with the toe seam on the outside; the sock navy blue had mutated into 3 new terrifying hues, and perhaps the worst -and most striking thing- was that thick layer of fuzzy balls that covered a large part of the sock, like an invasion of termites inside a grandmother’s walnut table.
That day, when my dignity was shattered and did not recover until the fifth jägermeister, I swore that I would never go through that traumatic experience again.

Carefully designed and high quality socks

Hence, the main idea to when we set up Lolo Carolo was to offer quality in addition to design.
Cotton socks of the highest quality; the kind that caresses the feet when walking and don’t rub against your bunions.
So we use Egyptian cotton, people say that it is the best, and our feet, it is true, confirm it every day; they couldn’t be softer!
Our socks can be washed without fear a thousand times. We use the best fibres which prevent the appearance of these horrible and annoying fuzzy balls.
And your washing machine will appreciate it.
A trick for them to last even longer is to wash them inside out and avoid the dryer.
Sure you have also experienced an uncomfortable situation for not paying due attention to socks.
Confess and share! @lolocarolosocks. Thank you.