Black Green Friday

Black Friday

What is Black Green Friday?

As a response to the excessive growth of consumption that we see every year on Black Friday, online and physical stores have come up with the idea of Green Friday as an alternative to support responsible consumption.

Green Friday is a sustainable alternative and a day when NGOs, ecologists, small and eco-friendly brands offer a ‘sustainable and conscious’ alternative. Green Friday takes place on 29th November to counteract the effects of overconsumption and compulsive shopping of Black Friday

This initiative intends to raise consumers’ awareness to buy only products that they really need, questioning the way they have been manufactured as well as their environmental impact, which is quite significant in the fast-fashion industry. 


Black Friday

Sustainable consumption on ‘Black Friday’

For that reason, it is recommended buying in responsible and sustainable stores that offer eco-friendly and ethical products. 

Many fashion brands like us, as opposed to the excessive shopping encouraged by early Christmas discounts, are raising their voice to ask for responsible consumption and support initiatives like Green Friday, a worldwide ecological campaign whose goal is raising consumers’ awareness about the importance of buying responsibly and sustainably, taking care of the environment, the animals and ensuring fair working conditions and gender equality for workers.


moda sostenible

Why choose Lolo Carolo on Black Friday?

We are a brand selling vegan, ethical and sustainable socks. All our new collections are made with Organic Cotton (GOTS certificate) or Recycled Cotton + Polyester made from recycled plastic bottles (GRS certificate). 

We believe in a new way of understanding fashion. We like to prove that comfort, quality design and sustainability can go hand in hand. 

We also believe that socks can be a great way of introducing everybody to this change. We want to let everybody know that eco-friendly products can be beautiful as well. 


Lolo Carolo and Black GREEN Week

Lolo Carolo has decided to offer this year a sustainable 15% discount to help us reduce the surplus stock left due to COVID 19 and multiple cancellations. 

Buying lasting and timeless garments that you really need occasionally turn out to be cheaper than making fast fashion purchases, which are poor quality products that perpetuate unfair working conditions and disregard for the environment. 

We are aware that an accumulation of sales in a short period of time can result in a dramatic increase of CO2 emissions, so we are striving to mitigate the increase of our own carbon footprint by planting two trees for every sock purchase instead of one as we have done so far.


Plantar Árbol

On our Black GREEN Week, which takes place from 23rd to 30th November, you will get 15% off + 2 planted trees on your behalf for every sock purchase (if you buy 2 pairs, you will plant 4 trees, and if you buy 6 pairs, you will plant 12 trees).

Get ahead of Christmas and grab a Lolo Carolo pack for your loved ones!

Black Friday