Get your Lolo Carolo cloth face masks this Christmas!


Have you seen our new face masks? In Lolo Carolo we have launched new designs that comply with all safety measures without leaving fashion aside!

EU-authorized cloth face masks

All our face masks are authorised according to EU regulations and their double layer ensures 96% effectiveness. We are aware that there are many people suffering from skin conditions due to face masks. That is why our designs are skin-friendly and made to avoid any irritation or allergies. 

But safety doesn’t have to compromise fashion! Our face masks have adjustable elastic ear straps and twist band to allow you to comfortably secure your mask to your nose. If we also consider its breathable fabric, we end up with a face mask that will not cause itchiness nor the so-called #maskne, a kind of acne that many people are suffering on the chin and cheek area. 

Safety, comfort, and fashion: ¿Have you got your Lolo Carolo cloth face mask yet? If you are still deciding, you must know that all our designs can last up to 50 washes without losing performance! 


Get a total look combining your socks with your face mask!

You can find all our face masks on our website, which are also available in packs for you to combine them with your socks! Wouldn’t you like to combine those two basic pieces to get a Lolo Carolo total look? We have some premade packs available for you, but you also have the chance to personalize your own however you like it

And if you have still got some Christmas presents left to do, this idea never disappoints! 
Remember that all our orders arrive in 24/48 hours, so you still have plenty of time…

Rhomboids, khaki or roses? Which face mask are you planning to get? Discover all of them on our website! 

Get your loved ones more than just a pair of socks this Christmas!


¿Are you thinking on your Christmas’ presents yet? In Lolo Carolo we have got you covered with our sock packs that you can personalize, or we can bundle up for you. We have recently launched our new face mask designs on our website, and you can also include these in your pack!

Ready for the festive season? Get your loved ones more than just a pair of socks this Christmas!

Lolo Carolo socks, a sustainable Christmas present

Our lifestyle in Lolo Carolo reads as follows: ¿How can we combine our passion for design with making the world a better place? The result can be seen on our products! 

We make versatile designs for everybody while taking care of people and our planet. That is why we comply with ethical criteria both in our studio in Madrid and in the factories that we work with in France and Portugal. 

Gender equality, fair working rights and safety are values we abide by, so when you buy our socks, you will also be contributing to good labour practices.

All our new sock collections are made with organic and recycled fibres to guarantee that they can be recycled afterwards. We are gradually substituting them for recycled cotton fibres to help avoid overconsumption. 

Plant a tree this Christmas!

But why are Lolo Carolo socks more than just a pair of socks? You will find the answer in the Tanzania reforestation project that we collaborate with through NGO We Forest, which is key for our business practice!

We are supporting this project by planting a tree every time you buy a pair of socks or a face mask from us. We have all the information about it in our packs for the recipient. And the thing is: who wouldn’t like to do good with a small purchase? If we also consider the quality of the product as well as the fun designs that you will find in our selection, we just end up with the perfect gift! 

Planta un árbol

Quality socks: organic, recycled and vegan

And if that weren’t enough, all our socks are carefully made with long fibres to guarantee its resistance, good quality and soft texture that you’ll love. Every pair of socks is asymmetrical, so you will notice some little differences to them. 

Have you chosen your favourite designs yet? Be that as it may, all of them are certified as organic, recycled, and vegan socks, so they are suitable for everyone! 

Design your pack now and remember that revolution starts on your feet! This Christmas and always.

Black Green Friday

Black Friday

What is Black Green Friday?

As a response to the excessive growth of consumption that we see every year on Black Friday, online and physical stores have come up with the idea of Green Friday as an alternative to support responsible consumption.

Green Friday is a sustainable alternative and a day when NGOs, ecologists, small and eco-friendly brands offer a ‘sustainable and conscious’ alternative. Green Friday takes place on 29th November to counteract the effects of overconsumption and compulsive shopping of Black Friday

This initiative intends to raise consumers’ awareness to buy only products that they really need, questioning the way they have been manufactured as well as their environmental impact, which is quite significant in the fast-fashion industry. 


Black Friday

Sustainable consumption on ‘Black Friday’

For that reason, it is recommended buying in responsible and sustainable stores that offer eco-friendly and ethical products. 

Many fashion brands like us, as opposed to the excessive shopping encouraged by early Christmas discounts, are raising their voice to ask for responsible consumption and support initiatives like Green Friday, a worldwide ecological campaign whose goal is raising consumers’ awareness about the importance of buying responsibly and sustainably, taking care of the environment, the animals and ensuring fair working conditions and gender equality for workers.


moda sostenible

Why choose Lolo Carolo on Black Friday?

We are a brand selling vegan, ethical and sustainable socks. All our new collections are made with Organic Cotton (GOTS certificate) or Recycled Cotton + Polyester made from recycled plastic bottles (GRS certificate). 

We believe in a new way of understanding fashion. We like to prove that comfort, quality design and sustainability can go hand in hand. 

We also believe that socks can be a great way of introducing everybody to this change. We want to let everybody know that eco-friendly products can be beautiful as well. 


Lolo Carolo and Black GREEN Week

Lolo Carolo has decided to offer this year a sustainable 15% discount to help us reduce the surplus stock left due to COVID 19 and multiple cancellations. 

Buying lasting and timeless garments that you really need occasionally turn out to be cheaper than making fast fashion purchases, which are poor quality products that perpetuate unfair working conditions and disregard for the environment. 

We are aware that an accumulation of sales in a short period of time can result in a dramatic increase of CO2 emissions, so we are striving to mitigate the increase of our own carbon footprint by planting two trees for every sock purchase instead of one as we have done so far.


Plantar Árbol

On our Black GREEN Week, which takes place from 23rd to 30th November, you will get 15% off + 2 planted trees on your behalf for every sock purchase (if you buy 2 pairs, you will plant 4 trees, and if you buy 6 pairs, you will plant 12 trees).

Get ahead of Christmas and grab a Lolo Carolo pack for your loved ones!

Black Friday

Egyptian cotton socks that will pamper your feet

Egyptian cotton socks

I still remember with a certain flush the embarrassment of removing my socks for the first time when entering a house of some acquaintances in Berlin for dinner. In Germany it is customary to leave your shoes at the entrance and show off your socks.
I, a poor little Spaniard, was raised between white socks for sports, blue ones for day-to-day use, and black ones for the certain days.
Used to hide so shameful item of clothing, I found a lump in my throat when I had to walk about wearing such disgraceful socks.
The cuff elastic was drooping, the socks were inside out with the toe seam on the outside; the sock navy blue had mutated into 3 new terrifying hues, and perhaps the worst -and most striking thing- was that thick layer of fuzzy balls that covered a large part of the sock, like an invasion of termites inside a grandmother’s walnut table.
That day, when my dignity was shattered and did not recover until the fifth jägermeister, I swore that I would never go through that traumatic experience again.

Carefully designed and high quality socks

Hence, the main idea to when we set up Lolo Carolo was to offer quality in addition to design.
Cotton socks of the highest quality; the kind that caresses the feet when walking and don’t rub against your bunions.
So we use Egyptian cotton, people say that it is the best, and our feet, it is true, confirm it every day; they couldn’t be softer!
Our socks can be washed without fear a thousand times. We use the best fibres which prevent the appearance of these horrible and annoying fuzzy balls.
And your washing machine will appreciate it.
A trick for them to last even longer is to wash them inside out and avoid the dryer.
Sure you have also experienced an uncomfortable situation for not paying due attention to socks.
Confess and share! @lolocarolosocks. Thank you.

Seamless socks. why suffer?

Calcetines sin costuras

Seamless toe socks

We should all be more concerned about those small details that make our lives more comfortable.
Seamless toe socks are, no doubt, one of them.
My relationship with socks was always a very difficult one, unconventional, conditioned by that subtle element of torture that seamless toes had become, time and again.
For years I wore socks inside out so that the damn seam would be in the outside and be less of a torment to my feet.
Being very fussy?
I don’t know, maybe, I don’t consider myself to be a sock connoisseur but I don’t deny that socks like Lolo Carolo’s, toe seamless, with a hand-linked toe are infinitely more comfortable.
Walking, jumping and running, without noticing that annoying rubbing seam is most appreciated.
I still remember the unbearable blisters and chafing I suffered during the Pilgrim’s Walk; I grimace when I recall it.
Yes, I know that the general trend would be to blame footwear and accept it as the necessary redemption of a Pilgrim, but in this, as in so many other things, I beg to differ.
The seam, the damned sock seam was the one that made me suffer.
Or at least it was undeniably a necessary ally.

Lolo Carolo design seamless socks

Like a vengeful lover I have deleted the traumatic memories of socks with seams from my memories and my closet.
An exaggerated or a justified fuss?
What do you think?
Share this if you think that there are is more people fussy about socks seams out there!
Thank you.

Welcome to Lolo Carolo, an absolute trip!

Bienvenidos a Lolo Carolo

Lolo Carolo is more than an online sock shop; we are a small independent brand that offers experiences.
That’s right, we are madly optimistic!

Socks that tell stories

But in a certain way they do.
We love to think that each pair of socks is a journey in itself.
Each design has its meaning, each colour a mood and every fibre a story of its own.
We only hope that your feet reinterpret them their own way.
After many months giving form to the project, finally today Monday 30 November, our socks online shop starts to run, where you can find original -and above all different- socks with which you can tell your own story.

Lolo Carolo, quality and comfort socks

To help you we have selected the best cotton and we have woven it in two small European factories.
One in Portugal and the other in Spain.
As a result, some socks are extremely soft and comfortable and without any kind of ugly and uncomfortable toe seams.
Socks made with both all the work and quality guarantees.
In the end, socks certified with the highest standards in the market.
I hope you enjoy them!

Lolo Carolo, Socks Made in Europe

Herramientas de tejer calcetines

Made close-by, Socks made in Spain and Portugal

The importance of close-by manufacturing was to have a sustainable production for the pursuit of excellence in the production of socks.

Manufacturing our socks in Spain and/or Portugal was always our first choice; we wanted to produce as close to home as possible, check the various production processes to ensure high quality standards.

All this, of course, coupled with the deepest respect for workers conditions ensuring their health & safety.

Last but not least, we also wanted that the various processes were audited and that they scrupulously comply respectfully with the environment.

maquina tejer tradicional

Egyptian cotton Socks and ecological dyes

We contacted dozens of factories and visited many of them.

We knew what we wanted: first-quality fibres, Egyptian cotton of the highest quality, organic dyes, sewing machines of more than 200 needles, hand linked toe socks (seamless toes), basically the foundations of excellent quality socks committed to a sustainable production.

After much searching and testing hundreds of sock samples we decided on a tiny Spanish family factory with a long tradition in hosiery that -due to its reduced production capacity –it allows us to only prototype different designs and launch the partial production of some of them.

After adjusting and tweaking multiple times different sock models until the desired result is achieved, once approved, most of the manufacturing is takes place in Portugal.

Portugal has been able to preserve and modernize its textile sector efficiently; the hosiery industry has got family businesses that are adapted to the times, latest generation machines and the most demanding quality certifications.

We had the great fortune of being able to reach an agreement with surely one of the best sock factories in Portugal and one of the most notable at a global level.

Seamless Toe Socks

They have latest generation machines of more than 200 needles that allow us to use Egyptian cotton fibres, which are finer and of better quality, to obtain a greater definition in the designs of the different socks.

The sock seams are done with a hand-linked process, which is more expensive but it allows our socks to not have any kind of unwelcome and ugly seams.

All this together with the selection of the best natural fibres and the best organic dyes which makes them an item of superior quality and extreme comfort.

Their Quality and design are, without a doubt, differentiating elements of great importance and our signs of identity, along with the explosion of colour and originality of each model.

We managed to take care of all the details, even the way we fold and present our socks is friendly and original, and it allows us to show you how each of our cared pairs of socks is composed of two unique socks, both different to each other, some differing only in a subtle way, in some detail and others in the conceptualization of the model.


calcetines rayas wally hombre

A pair of Socks, two unique Socks

Different socks for different and unique people.

We hope you enjoy our Lolo Carolo socks to their full potential, don’t wait any longer and buy them in our online store!!

Long and stylish socks for the cold wave!

Calcetines largos estilo

Long socks are a bit like TV documentaries, they are interesting, everyone says they like them, but at the moment of truth nobody really knows anything about them.

So you must say it loud and clear: long socks make you look smart! Knee-High socks give you a sophisticated look.

Women can wear them with boots, skirts, dresses, trousers …creating multiple combinations that will enhance their total look.

They are gradually banishing the idea that long socks are only for sports or for extreme cold weather in mountains. The trend now is more daring and hipster so they are combined with shorts, or for a smarter look, add a little fun to the seriousness of a suit. There is nothing more elegant than wearing knee-high design socks with a suit and avoid that, when casually crossing your legs, you expose your hairy or hairless shins to everyone…


Knee-High socks for men and women

If you like to keep your feet warm and protect them from the cold, there is nothing like a good pair of knee-high socks that come well up your calves and prevent them from freezing.

Long socks that, aside from being super comfortable and warm, allow you to forget about the issue of shaving.

Winter brings out the Yeti in you


Like almost everything in life, you won’t realize what you are missing until you try them, so we encourage you to hunt for some socks for 2017. Buy yourself some long Lolo Carolo socks and you will see how they won’t disappoint you!


Long socks for men have become increasingly trendy, however in Spain they are not as accepted as in other countries; but little by little, we are forgetting the idea that long socks are only for sports and incorporating them into our wardrobe.

There is nothing more elegant than wearing knee-high design socks with a suit and avoid that, when casually crossing your legs, you expose your hairy or hairless shins to everyone….

Like almost everything in life, you won’t realize what you are missing until you try them, so we encourage you to hunt for some socks for 2017. Buy yourself some long Lolo Carolo socks and you will see how they won’t disappoint you!