Gift Funny Socks

For who? For everyone..
You’ve tied yourself another year with celebrations with workmates, sport mates, old time friends and, Oh no! Alarm! Panic! 22 of December…2pm… After the umpteenth gin you realize that you have neither won the lottery nor bought a single present for that a special day. The pressure lasts until you finish the last drop of your drink, during that fraction of a second, you take a quick glance at your feet and see your Lolocarolo socks.

Yes, great idea! fun and different socks, so then finally there will be an original Christmas or Birthday present for everybody, a quality, classy gift, at a good price and without leaving the bar, isn’t that great?

You will be able to buy your present in a simple way from our site with your mobile phone and give a pair of original socks to your non-conformist brother; another colourful pair to your bohemian sister and -since we are excited by this idea- your father and mother will get some too…and then it’s up to you to wear those cool socks if they don’t!

A cheap present with the best style

Each pair of socks is packaged with bright soft tissue paper in a super cool small Kraft box with a colourful and a stylish design.
Perfect for a great gift! In 48 hours they will arrive to the address you give us.

Now you only have to celebrate!